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Our range of thread repair kits and inserts enables you to produce strong new threads in weaker materials
 and carry out fast and efficient repair of damaged threads.

Containing everything you need to complete cost effective thread repairs, these kits are utilised worldwide in
industrial, automotive & aerospace maintenance workshops.

Wurth Time-Sert Kits E-Z LOK Inserts

  M12 X 1.50 X 6.7mm Time-Sert Carbon Steel Insert # 12157 Qty 10    

Time-Sert Kits and Time-Sert Inserts   2


Big-Sert Kits  and Big-Sert Inserts

Other Threaded Inserts
Thicker wall for damaged holes

  E-Z LOK 450-5 Pack of 10 Metric Thread Inserts M5-08 Internal Size 450-5    

E-Z Lock Inserts




We stock a comprehensive range of Wurth Timesert and Bigsert  kits and provide a fitting service to our customers
 who can come to us, or we can travel to their premises ( subject to travelling costs and turn-out fees)

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